Purl Wax Scraper Sharpener
Purl Wax Scraper Sharpener
Purl Scraper Sharpener

Purl ECO Wax Scraper Sharpener

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Give your plastic WAX SCRAPER a clean, sharp edge to reduce your scraping time and get you back on snow faster (with less work). You wouldn't cut a steak with a dull knife, so don't scrape your bases with a dull scraper.

Unique features:

Biodegradable body made from plastic derived from renewable resources.      Think corn starch and sugar cane ( but we don't recommend tasting it....) 
3D printed by Purl in Colorado. 
Non slip surface
Interior Metal File
Easy to use by hand or mounted on a work bench using 2 pre-drilled holes.
Sharpens plastic wax scrapers from 3 to 5 mm in thickness.

REDUCE. REUSE. Don't throw away old, dull scrapers!