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No fluoros.  No toxic chemicals.  No hype.  

Gide Wax for: Alpine, Snowboard, Nordic, X-Country Skiing

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“At Lone Star Sports in Breckenridge Colorado, we tune more than 10,000 pairs of skis a year. Our clientele has come to expect nothing short of perfection. With Purl Wax I feel confident that our customers are riding the fastest tunes on the mountain.” 

Lone Star/Christy's Sports, Breckenridge, Colorado

"What I like most about Purl is the dedication to making wax that is non toxic for the environment. Having skis that are waxed properly helps you travel through the mountains easier and faster, this also allows for smother and higher traversing, and is less resistance on the body and especially the knees!" 

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Pro Skier

"I love Purl Wax because of the non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients used in the wax and the company's eco friendly stance." 

Jake Blauvelt, Pro Snowboarder

"....Every temperature version is pretty darn fast, but the purple is a go-to for speed in nearly all conditions."

Jon Jay, Ski Magazine

"Hands down, best wax ever!! I've been using Purl for almost as long as they've been around and I've never been passed on a cattrack since! Seriously Purl is an amazing product developed by true riders who are committed to making what real skiers and riders are looking for. Purl fo life!"

Ryan Halverson

"Prefer applying non-toxic, biodegradable materials to your snowboard? Then Purl Snowboard Wax is your go to. It doesn’t have any fluoros (a.k.a. perfluorochemicals) or other toxic chemicals, so it’s Mother Nature approved. "

Snowboard Mag: Provisions 051

"“We use Purl on all of our high end tunes. Recently I had a customer come in with dry base that needed some love. She came back in to let us know how much the wax helped her glide better and go edge to edge better. She’s been bringing her board in once a week ever since. 

Christy Sports, Tune Shop

Forest Friendly. Freaky Fast.