Our Story

Purl Wax a Colorado Company

Purl's roots are in Colorado- but our company mission extends much further.
Founded off 47th and Old "Pearl" Street in Boulder, in 1999, our goal is to accelerate the world's transition to eco-friendly ski and snowboard waxes with a full range of performance driven products.  

Over a decade later, Purl still produces pure, clean, eco-friendly waxes that can be found in over 200+ dealers throughout the USA and Canada.  We are now based in Avon, Colorado at an elevation of 7,431 feet and smack down in the middle of Colorado ski country- it's a pretty nice place to call home.

 Purl is proud to be making a positive impact with minimal imprint on the environment. 

Purl Wax Scott Sparks Founder

Purl Wax Founder and Brew Master, Scott Sparks

At Purl Wax, we move fast.  From a company perspective that means constant innovation.  All of our waxes are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  We manufacture pure, clean ski and snowboard waxes with superior speed and durability in a full range of performance driven products. 

No fluoros.  No toxic chemicals.  No hype.

 Committed to performance.

"Faster than you." is not just our brand intent, it's a promise. Purl has spent over a decade researching alternative materials for use in our ski and snowboard wax.

Our waxes can go toe to toe with any of the chemically laced wax products on the market.  

Purl Wax Wins

Jeff Brier with 8 local Boardercross Gold Medals + 1 more at USASA Nationals.  


Dedicated to the environment.  

Purl is devoted to creating eco-friendly ski wax and snowboard wax without the use of toxic fluoros. We produce pure, clean wax that is biodegradable.

Purl donates 1% of our profits to environmental conservation organizations.

Purl Wax and POW

Purl Wax and Nature


Keeping it local.

 Purl works hard to support Colorado businesses and manufacturers in the USA.  

Wherever possible, we try to source eco-friendly products from US manufacturers.

Purl Made in USA

Purl Eco-Friendly 

Family owned and operated.

Made in the USA.

Purl Eco