Purl Wax Brush Set
Wax Brushes
Wax Brushes
Wax Brushes

Wax Brushes

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Brushes are an essential tool used pre-waxing to clean out the structure of the base, and after waxing and scraping, to do essentially the same thing. Brushing helps makes skis & boards faster! 

Horsehair Brush- 

  • Soft, fine horsehair base brush.
  • Removes wax from the fine structure of your base.

Nylon Brush- The work horse of all wax brushes.

  • General purpose nylon bristle brush.  
  • Perfect for wax texturing after hot waxing. 

    Bronze Brush-

    • Stiff, all-bronze base brush.  
    • Perfect for renewing base structure and cleaning out wax before applying hot wax.

    Brushes are each 120mm x 70 mm.

    TIP: Brush, Brush and Brush.  Always work from tip to tail. Post wax, start with the stiffer, bronze brush and progress to finer, softer brushes as you work. The goal is to leave only the thinnest layer of wax on the surface of the base to allow the texture/structure of the base to show through.