Purl Wax Yellow Eco Friendly Ski Wax & Snowboard Wax
Purl Wax Yellow 1lb Brick, Ski and Snowboard Wax
Purl Wax, Spring Ski and Snowboard Wax
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Purl Yellow Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax
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Warm/Spring- Purl Yellow Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax

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Approx. 68 gram Bar or 1 lb Brick

Recommended Snow Temp Range: 20° F to 35°+ F 

Purl Wax Yellow, Warm Weather, Spring Ski Wax & Snowboard Wax provides amazing performance in high humidity conditions. It is wicked fast!

Purl eco-friendly ski and snowboard wax blends provide superior durability to make your ride fast, as long as possible. 

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Hot Waxing Tips: CLICK HERE

We recommend blending the spring ski wax with our all temperature ski wax when the temperature is between 24º – 30º. Above 28º we recommend adding graphite ski wax as a rub-on to repel contaminates in dirty snow.

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