Purl Climbing Skin Wax
Purl Climbing Skin Wax
Purl Climbing Skin Wax
Purl Natural Climbing Skin Wax
Purl Natural Climbing Skin Wax

Purl Natural Climbing Skin Wax

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Uphill glide is just as important as downhill glide!

Purl Climbing Skin Wax is an all-natural, petroleum-free skin wax for sticky backcountry transitional snow. This wax blend has no glow in the dark additives and no funky scents!

Purl ski and snowboard climbing skin wax improves skin glide while helping to prevent snow, ice build up and clumping.

Comes in a 2oz reusable tin, lightweight and easy to throw in a pack or pocket.

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RUB ON: Easy to apply, just rub heavily onto the plush side of warm, dry skins (in both directions) prior to hitting the snow.  The plush is resilient and you want the wax under the fibers.

HOT WAX:  Lay out skins on clean, non-porous surface with plush side up. If skins are folded in half, no worries, just do each side in turn.

Pre-heat your wax iron to a low temperature, approx. 150-200˚F, and iron the plush surface of the skin just like you’d iron wax into your ski bases. Iron from tip to tail only and keep the iron moving at all times, at a speed of about 1-2 inches per second. (You don't want to burn your fibers!)

With the skins warm – rub the bar directly on the warm plush side of skins or “hot dab” the wax (touch it briefly to the iron and then rub it on the skin) and heat again with the iron.

Let the skins cool for a minute or two –  When the wax has firmed up, brush the skin plush from tip to tail with a soft nylon brush so the fibers line up and look smooth. Don’t use a brass or bronze brush, since those may damage the fabric.

Repeat above steps, if needed.

Party on human-powered skiers and boarders!