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Purl Arctic Stinger Wax
Purl Arctic Stinger Custom Wax

Arctic Stinger Wax Snowflake- Purl Limited Batch

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Limited, Custom


Purl's Arctic Stinger Wax in the shape of a snowflake is made from two of our favorite eco-speed waxes: Green Sub-Zero and Black Graphite.  We've layered these waxes together for blending ease, to keep you moving wicked fast in frigid winter conditions. 


Purl Graphite Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax  

*Each puck is approx. 62 grams.  Only available online.*

 Recommended snow temp range: 5° F to -10° F    

Tip: The graphite is used to as an anti-static in dry, cold snow. Only a small amount is needed.                                  

  • PFC Free
  • No Fluoros
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Made in the USA 


Hot iron or rub-on! You can hot iron as usual, using the layered wax edge to create a perfect blend. Or, take the bar of wax, no iron, and rub the edge across the entire surface of your base and then cork it in. 

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