Purl All Temp Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax

Purl All-Temp Ski and Snowboard Wax, 1 lb. Brick

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  Purl All-Temp Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax   Recommended temp range: -5° F to 32° F                     

Purl Wax's All-Temperature, Eco Friendly ski and snowboard wax has a very broad operating range.  For even faster results, blend our purple all temperature ski wax with the temperature specific ski wax that best fits the day's conditions.


  • 100%  Biodegradable
  • PFC Free
  • No Fluoros
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Made in the USA

Our microcrystalline ski and snowboard wax blends provide superior durability to make your ride fast, as long as possible. 

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