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Purl Wax

“We use Purl on all of our high end tunes. Recently I had a customer come in with dry base that needed some love. She came back in to let us know how much the wax helped her glide better and go edge to edge better. She’s been bringing her board in once a week ever since. “ Christy Sports, Breckenridge, Colorado

“At Lone Star Sports in Breckenridge Colorado, we tune more than 10,000 pairs of skis a year. Our clientele has come to expect nothing short of perfection. With Purl Wax I feel confident that our customers are riding the fastest tunes on the mountain.”  Lone Star Sports, Breckenridge, Colorado


"What I like most about Purl is the dedication to making wax that is non toxic for the environment. Having skis that are waxed properly helps you travel through the mountains easier and faster, this also allows for smother and higher traversing, and is less resistance on the body and especially the knees!" - Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
"I love the fact that I can scrape my board before riding and not feel guilty about wax flying around. If anyone looks at me criticizing I say "it´s biodegradable wax, no Fluor and toxins in it!" and smile. Sure I still try to collect most wax and put it in the trash but if some flys away it's alright. :)" - Silvia Mittermueller


"I love Purl Wax because of the non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients used in the wax and the company's eco friendly stance." Jake Blauvelt
"Been waxing my own board for over 17 years and used many different waxes. When I started using Purl, it was very noticeable how much longer the wax was infused with the base before drying out. After growing up competing in all aspects of the sport I have developed a great tuning ethic to keep my quiver of boards up to speed and I count on Purl Wax to achieve this. Another aspect I like about Purl Wax is they are environmentally aware and make the best all natural wax on the market!"-  Ricky Bates
"For years I have been using Purl Wax, I used to go to the factory and watch the guys mix the magic. I learned a lot about wax and that many make petroleum based products to make their wax work. Purl has found a way to reduce the use of fossil fuels in order to go fast out in the mountains." -  Jake Black


"It feels good to know you aren’t hurting the environment when finishing up a heavy wax session. Purl’s all natural wax helps ensure there will always be a winter. Freaky-fast and forest-friendly!"- Mark Kelsic
I've been a professional ski patroller for nearly 2 decades.  Being on my skis over a 100 plus days a season, taking care of my gear is essential.  I love the durability and performance of Purl wax, plus it's environmentally friendly. - Chad Feagler
"Hands down, best wax ever!! I've been using Purl for almost as long as they've been around and I've never been passed on a cattrack since! Seriously Purl is an amazing product developed by true riders who are committed to making what real skiers and riders are looking for. Purl fo life! "-  Hal-v
"Purl wax is amazing! So fast it's SCARY! But in a good way. :) I fly down the mountain every time. It's good to know it's great for the environment and PFC free, too."  - Starburst 
"Fast and forest friendly wax, Love it, great company too."  -Cat
"I've been using Purl Wax on my shred sticks for the last five years, and it's the best wax you can find. It dials your board speed up to 11, it's biodegradable, and doesn't leave a wake of toxic PFC's on the mountain when you're done shralping. If that's not enough, how about it also being made in the USA!"  -Eddie 
"Best wax ever. Guaranteed you will never use another wax again. Purl tried and true." -Michael 
I"'ve been using Purl Wax since the beginning and it"s faster than a runaway semi on a mountain pass. THE MOUNTAINS ARE NOT A SKATE PARK- thanks for keeping it green for future generations!"  -El Deano 
"Awesome wax that you can feel good about scraping in the mountains. Mother nature approved!"  -Jake 
"Superhero Fast + great smell + earth friendly = Purl Wax "  - Mark 
"I love PURL for their environmentally responsible attitude and incredibly fast wax! My Rating: Five million stars!"  - Meg 
"Purple...purple purl wax is my favorite. Try saying it 3 times like purl wax."  -Nancy