Matt Logan

Matt Logan Purl Ambassador
Hometown: Logan, Utah
Favorite Place to Ride: Beaver Mountain, UT
"Riding a snowboard on dry Utah powder is basically heaven to me, and I’ve always been big on hot waxing my boards to perfection. When I made the change over to Purl Wax from the other brands I’ve used, I immediately noticed a faster ride, and my wax seemed to last longer between hot waxes. Add to that, Purl Wax is free from fluorocarbons and toxins, that just sealed the deal for me, we have to be as kind as we can be to this amazing rock we live on! I’ll never use another wax, every friend who’s board I’ve waxed for them is amazed at how much better Purl Wax is. No matter the conditions, powder, groomers, crud, and at any temp, Purl Wax has got it covered! #prayforsnow #fasterthanyou"