Purl Wax Blue Eco Friendly Ski Wax & Snowboard Wax

Cold/Winter- Blue Purl Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax

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  Purl Cold Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax  

Recommended temp range: 5° F to 20° F  

Purl Wax's Blue Cold Weather/ Winter, ski and snowboard wax blend is hard enough to prevent dry friction that you will encounter in cold fresh snow. It is lightning fast!


  • Biodegradable
  • PFC Free
  • No Fluoros
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Made in the USA
  • 68 gram box

Purl eco-friendly ski and snowboard wax blends provide superior durability to make your ride fast, as long as possible. 

For optimal glide on all bases:

Alpine, Nordic, Snowboard, XC skiing, Freeride, Terrain Parks, SBX!

Hot Waxing Tips-

Iron temperature settings vary from one iron manufacturer to the other, so experimenting with your iron to find the right setting for each type of wax is necessary.  The range that we use with our Purl iron is between 110 C  (230 F)  for warm spring wax and up to 140 C  (284 F) for our sub zero wax. *Keep below smoking point.

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