Purl Roto Brush Combo Kit
Purl Roto Brush Handle and Shield
Purl Horsehair Roto Brush
Purl Nylon/Yellow Roto Brush

Purl Roto Brush Kit (3 Piece Set)

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Is your arm tired after scraping and brushing? Buff your Ski & Snowboard bases out like a Pro and let a Roto Brush do the work.  It's a great way to save time removing excess wax and gets you back on the snow quicker! 

The "Purl Roto Brush Kit" is a 3 piece set including a Roto Handle with Shield, Nylon Brush and Horsehair Brush. 

  • Roto Handle with Shield: 100mm Length and 10mm Hex shaft ( *Shield color may be purple or blue)
  • Roto Nylon/Yellow Brush: Use first, before Horsehair Brush for best finish.
  • Roto Horsehair/Brown Brush:  Use after Nylon Brush for final finish.
    • Brushes are compatible with all 10mm Hex shafts.

Why choose a Roto Brush?

  • Increase brushing efficiency to save time and energy.
  • Create a FASTER ski base.
  • Roto brushes are versatile and can be used to remove excess wax, open and uncover base structure, as well as polish bases after waxing.

TIP:  You need a drill....  drill rotation rate should be around 1000-1500 rpm. Slide brush onto Roto Handle shaft and attach drill to the opposite end. When using a Roto Brush apply light pressure to bases, allowing the brush to do the work. Brush from tip to tail with the brush rotation pushing wax particles towards the tail.

Protective eyewear recommended.